Dampers For Automotive Parts

Fidomotion providesrotary dampers for automotive parts, car interiors and exteriors. You find the best selectionall type dampers for your vehicles.

Rotary dampers for automotive parts

Fido hydraulic rotational dampers are absolutely necessary in automotive parts.

As a professional rotary damper manufacture, Fido Motion Control provides multi-purpose soft closed hydraulic rotary dampers to decelerate the rotary movements for automotive parts, which are essential for car interiors and exteriors. The hydraulic rotary dampers provide a damping torque to dampen and soften opening and closing movements, creating effective noise suppression and increase the protection of precision equipment.

Our soft-closed hydraulic rotational dampers provide controlled soft damping torque in either clockwise, anticlockwise, or bi-directional motion with infinite rotation angle or finite rotation angle deceleration control, depending on your requirements.

Fido hydraulic rotary dampers for automotive parts: glove boxes, ashtrays, CD players, cup holders, assist grips, internal/external door handles, middle arm rests, trunk covers, sun-glass compartments, storage boxes, vanity mirrors, sun visors, etc.

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