Soft Close Damper

Looking for the best office applications dampers?Fidomotion is right place to choosesoft-closing dampers for office, printers, photocopiers and more.

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Rotary dampers for office applications

Fido soft-closing dampers are everywhere in office space.

As a rotary damper factory, Fido Motion Control provides multi-purpose soft closing dampers to decelerate the rotating or linear movements for office equipment, which will realize superior noise suppression, protect delicate components from being damaged and increase their longevity.

Fido multi-purpose rotational dampers ensure soft opening and closing of lids, plates and doors, providing smooth and safe component operation. The soft closing compact rotary dampers provide controlled damping torque in either right, left, or both-sides movements with continuous rotation angle or limited rotation angle damping control, depending on your requirements.

Fido rotary dampers for office applications: sliding motion doors, drawers, toilet seats and toilet covers, garbage cans, printers, photocopiers, heaters, etc.

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